Why do MariaDB not start

The reason for the failure will almost certainly be written in the Error Log and, if you are starting MariaDB manually, to the console. By default, the error log is named host-name.err and is written to the data directory.

Common Locations:

  • /var/log/
  • /var/log/mysql
  • On CentOS = /var/lib/mysql/server-name.err
  • C:\ProgramData\Mysql
  • C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server x.x\data (x.x refers to the version number)

It’s also possible that the error log has been explicitly written to another location, either by changing the datadir system variable, or setting with log-error=filename – see my.cnf below.

In most cases you should be able to find out the place of the error file by doing:

mysqld --help --verbose | grep 'log-error' | tail -1
mysqld --help --verbose | grep 'datadir' | tail -1

Source: https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/what-to-do-if-mariadb-doesnt-start/

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