How to Find a Lost, Missing, Hidden or Removed Network Card (NIC) or Other Device and Even Remove it

Getting rid of these old devices is actually very simple. Well, it is simple if you know how 😉
Before you proceed, I recommend that you confirm that you have a good backup. I have never had a problem with this but hey, it is your server not mine.
Description What to do
Step 1: You need to run a command prompt so you can set an environment variable prior to opening the Device Manager This will bring up a command window Click Start – Type the following command and then press ENTER

Step 2: We have the command window open. We now need to set the variable (that is the “set” line and then with the variable set, we need to run Device Manager. The file name for the Device Manager snap-in is devmgmt.msc. The first line will not appear to do anything but it is setting the environment for next step. The second command will actually open the Device Manager but it will be in a “special” mode which allows you to show devices that no longer exists. Type the following commands pressing ENTER after each line

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 devmgmt.msc
Step 3: Now all we have to do is show hidden devices and you will be able to access the devices that are not present in the machine. This will also turn a checkbox on in front of the Show Hidden Devices menu option. In this Special Device Manager Window; on the menu, click View then Show Hidden Devices
Step 4: Now you can just go find the adapter or device that is missing and delete it!
Expand the network adapter (or whatever category of device) and look for the device that needs to be removed. The error message that you got should tell you the “name” of the device so you just have to go find that named device. You may also notice while you are there that the icon for the “non-present” or missing device is slightly subdued so that will make it easier to find it if you have many devices in a category.
See screen shot below
Expand the network adapter (or whatever category of device) and look for the device that needs to be removed.
Right-Click the Device and select Uninstall
Easy!!! It IS easy if you know how. Now you know how!!! On the Warning “You are about to uninstall this device from your computer” just click OK
IMPORTANT Note: Lastly, if there are other devices that are subdued / hidden, please to not just go in and delete them all. If you do, you are asking for trouble. Just get rid of the things that you know are gone for good and are not coming back! If you are not absolutely positive, do not remove it. If you do anyway, better have that backup handy 🙂
Also, remember, if you change too much stuff at once, you may have to reactivate Windows
Restore from Backup… Just kidding 🙂

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